Legal notices

Legal notices


Association governed by the law of July 1, 1901
As the managing organization of the private technical higher education institution IGS,
Whose head office is located at 1, rue Jacques Bingen – 75017 PARIS
Registered at INSEE under SIREN n° : 312.495.096
Represented by Mr Bernard DERAY

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Thanks to this website, GROUPE IGS ASSOCIATION  and its owners wish to make uploading general information on their services possible. Thus, all information on this website can not engage the owners’ responsibility. Thus, all information on this website can not engage the owners’ responsibility.

The website has been elaborated with seriousness, however the owners will not be held responsible for eventual mistakes or omissions regarding available information. Likewise, owners can not ensure the absence of virus or any other element capable of links and software malfunction or damages when browsing or downloading any elements on this website.

This website  is independent from any other website or Internet’s resources with which it is linked, either by hyperlink or any other technical process. Consequently, GROUPE IGS ASSOCIATION  can not be held liable  on these questions

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